Aromatic herbs


Most aromatic herbs can be used for cooking and medicinal purposes for their essential oils etc. Not many people know that they are lovely plants that can be added to bridal bouquets.

Especially if you are getting married in Tuscany where aromatic herbs are widely used, hospital having rosemary or lavender included in your flowers will seem like paying a special token to the land is hosting your special day landing you such  a spectacular landscape. Inevitably you will add that Tuscan touch that will hardly be forgotten creating a special bond between your special day and the Tuscan nature around you…

Meanings of herbs :

Rosemary : Remembrance, health Fidelity

Sage: Wisdom, Longevity

Thyme: Courage, Enjoyment

Oregano: Happiness, Joy

Chamomile: Comfort, Gentleness

Bay Leaf /Laurel : Prosperity, Peace and quite

Basil: Good wishes, Serious intentions

Lavender: Elegance, Wealth and Wisdom

Myrtle: Love, Happiness