Carl and Sharon


Real-life wedding by Tuscan Dreams

Name: Sharon and Carl

Age: Sharon – 43, Carl – 57

Profession: Both Chief Executive Officers of organisations

Where do you come from : Near Brisbane in Queensland, Australia

1. How did you meet?

At work

2. How did you get engaged?

On a very small tropical island near Noumea, New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean

3. How did you choose where to conduct the ceremony and have the reception?

We were looking for somewhere different and special, somewhere where most Australians would not think of.

4. What research and planning did you do before the wedding?

Lots of research using the internet but mainly relied on Nicoletta and Erica from Tuscan Dreams to make the arrangements.

5. How many guests attended your wedding?

Four, two from Melbourne, Australia and two from Pittsburgh, USA

6. What did you ‘make from scratch’?

As we had to travel half way across the world nearly everything was bought except the owner of the villa we were staying in brought roses from her garden on the day of the wedding.

7. What was your biggest extravagance?

Lunch/dinner on the veranda of the Hotel Le Fonti overlooking one of the valleys of Tuscany which went for about ten hours, had nine courses and cost about 1000 euros.

8. Where did you save the most money?

By using Tuscan Dreams to arrange nearly everything we needed for the day.

9. Would you change anything about your wedding?

Only try and have more friends and family there.

10.What advice would you give to someone planning a wedding?

Use Tuscan Dreams, they were terrific and I doubt that we could have arranged everything without their help.Also don’t cut corners for the day as you may only do it once in your life.

The theme of your wedding: The theme was Italian and our invitations featured scenes from the town of Volterra, outfits were blue to make the blue Tuscan skies and the atmosphere remained relaxed and informal.

Colour scheme of wedding: Blue

Music/entertainment: We had no formal entertainment but the Maitre at Hotel, Francesco was amazing to watch as he served the meals, told us about the food, decanted the wine and gave us a detailed background on the wine.He made our celebratory lunch/dinner an extremely memorable occasion.