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The new trend on table decoration is to add an authentic Italian flavour to the wedding so a good way to have guests take back a personalised token of your wedding in Italy is to pick something local for them to take back. Think personalised bottles of local olive oil with the names of the bride and[...]


The aperitivo dates back to Roman time with the mulsum, an alcoholic drink which consisted in mixing wine and honey together. The mulsum was served with several starters before the meal. So, no surprise if in modern times aperitivo is purely an Italian trend that has been going on in Italy for ye[...]


Pecorino remained a predominantly Roman delight up until 1884 when the local administration  banned the salting of cheeses and introduced heavy tax on salt. This is when pecorino production moved to the island of Sardinia where it flourished until the end of WWII. After the war Italy was a ravage[...]

Why leave them at home ?

Why leave them at home ? Having a wedding in Tuscany often put bride and groom in front of a dilemma. Besides their friends and relatives, should they extend invitation to chidren too? I would say, YES ! Most people take the opportunity of being guests to a wedding abroad to turn the event [...]

Nature and Romance - Your Tuscan Boho Chic Wedding

Bohemian style weddings are inspired by romance and nature and can certainly find its best setting in the Tuscan countryside. The latest trend of eco wedding can find a lot of suitable venues in the Tuscan countryside. We all have memories of those marvellous wedding pictures of bride and groom s[...]

Sean and Lucy

Groom and Bride : Sean and Lucy Married on 31st May 2016 Location of ceremony and reception: Villa Sara In Lucy's words… “Sean proposed to me on our round the world trip in 2013. We were hiking and camping in the foothills of Mount Fuji and woke up for sunrise and Sean popped the question overlo[...]

Craig and Sian

Groom and Bride : Craig and Sian Married on 25th May 2016 Location of ceremony and reception: Villa Gambassi In Sian's words... "Craig and I met when my Mum & Dad took over the bar / restaurant ‘The Stead Inn” in a local village in Aberdeen. He was the Chef and I was the waitress. He eventua[...]