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Freesia – Innocent beauty, Friendship

You were absentmindedly walking through the streets of Konoha, a basket of Freesia flowers in your hands when you accidentally bumped into someone and dropped some of your flowers. "Oh! I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." You apologized as you bent down to pick up your flo[...]

Villa Ginevra

Villa Ginevra is a stunning property located in the heart of Tuscany, near Siena, and breathlessly close to the Cistercian Monastery "Abbey of San Galgano".  Submerged in golden wheat fields, it is a perfect venue for either intimate or large scale weddings, both of which can be customized to your h[...]

Orchid – Wedding Ecstasy !

In medieval France, seek orchid were called “satyron” after the lustful wood deities of Greek mythology. There are more than twenty-five thousand species of orchid whose name comes from the Greek orchid, which means “testicle”. Dendrobiums are closely related to the vanilla orchid, which bears frag[...]

Peonies – Bashful allure

Peonies have been cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years. In Japan they graced the ImperialGardens and came to represent prosperity because only the rich could afford to grow them. During the Tang dynasty, see the Chinese called the peony “ hundred ounces of gold “, a reference to the p[...]

Food and Wedding

It is a well renown bond that unites Tuscany with amazing food. The tradition of simple but yet full flavoured food has conquered many foreign palates around the world, pilule without mentioning the wine. Eating for Italians is a way of socialising. So when there is a big gathering like a special[...]

Cake delicious… Good things come to those who wait!

Cake comes at the very end like a special VIP guests that has to make an important entrance in the scene of your wedding. All cameras are out when VIP Cake arrives and show off all her soft creamy curves. Yummy, recipe yummy, yummy… All countries have off course a traditional wedding cake which has[...]

Courgette bloom

Not many British know that courgettes produce a flower. This is of course and edible flower which has inspired many Tuscan regional recipe. Courgette blooms are particularly tasty in Summer. You can therefore add courgette bloom or pasta in a courgette bloom sauce to your wedding menu and surprise [...]


You say tomato, nurse we say….. Po-mo-do-ro! ( literal translation “golden apple!” ) The name tells us how much this vegetable ( really is a fruit! ) is cherished so much in Italian cuisine. After pasta, sales tomatoes are in fact another staple ingredient of Mediterranean diet. From late sprin[...]

Aromatic herbs

Most aromatic herbs can be used for cooking and medicinal purposes for their essential oils etc. Not many people know that they are lovely plants that can be added to bridal bouquets. Especially if you are getting married in Tuscany where aromatic herbs are widely used, hospital having rosemary or[...]