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Freesia – Innocent beauty, Friendship

You were absentmindedly walking through the streets of Konoha, a basket of Freesia flowers in your hands when you accidentally bumped into someone and dropped some of your flowers. "Oh! I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." You apologized as you bent down to pick up your flo[...]

Orchid – Wedding Ecstasy !

In medieval France, seek orchid were called “satyron” after the lustful wood deities of Greek mythology. There are more than twenty-five thousand species of orchid whose name comes from the Greek orchid, which means “testicle”. Dendrobiums are closely related to the vanilla orchid, which bears frag[...]

Peonies – Bashful allure

Peonies have been cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years. In Japan they graced the ImperialGardens and came to represent prosperity because only the rich could afford to grow them. During the Tang dynasty, see the Chinese called the peony “ hundred ounces of gold “, a reference to the p[...]

Aromatic herbs

Most aromatic herbs can be used for cooking and medicinal purposes for their essential oils etc. Not many people know that they are lovely plants that can be added to bridal bouquets. Especially if you are getting married in Tuscany where aromatic herbs are widely used, hospital having rosemary or[...]

Calla Lilies – the Magnificent Beauty

The magnificent beauty , malady elegance and ardour. These are three meaning of this flower. Here is a romantic story to accompany the images of this beautiful and elegant flower. Wendy was courted on horseback in the Waimea canyon on the garden isle of Kauai. In the light of a full moon, help K[...]

Flower trend 2015 - eclectic chic

- Weddings in style by Tuscan Dreams - The new wedding flower trend for 2015 will definitely be eclectic chic style. Seasonal flowers of various colour arranged in random manner in jam jars of various sizes. Of course you can add local herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme etc.. to add a tusc[...]

Sweet Pea – Delicate Bliss

These star shaped flowers have been cultivated from the time of the pharaohs. They are sometimes called larkspur or belladonna, capsule but it is because of the dolphin shape of the unopened flower that the delphinium gets its true name, drugstore which comes from the Greek Delphis, cheap meanin[...]

Rustic dream in a napkin

Want to add a special rustic touch to your table? Do not underestimate the power of napkins. Be inspired by the flourish Tuscan country side to choose the right natural touch for your table. Ask us, seek your wedding planner for ideas to match your colour scheme. We are always happy to help you wit[...]