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Rachel and Dan

Name:Rachel and Dan Age: Rachel 31, Dan 30 Profession: Rachel Fashion Designer, Dan TV Producer/Director Where do you come from : Leeds, Yorkshire, UK 1. How did you meet? We met the first year of University in London 2.How did you get engaged? We got engaged on a remote island off the we[...]

Laura and Chris

Age: Laura 29 and Chris 31  Profession:  Laura – Account manager - Travel sector, Chris – Head of sales – Travel sector  Where do you come from: Chris is from Manchester and Laura from Liverpool. We now live in Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. 1.How did you meet? We meet at work and got on l[...]

Kirsty and Neil

Name : Kirsty and Neil Age: Kirsty – 27, Neil - 31 Profession: Kirsty – Human Resources Advisor, Neil – works in the Automotive Industry Where do you come from : Staffordshire, UK 1. How did you meet? We met at a house party in 1996 but I don’t actually remember Neil being there but r[...]

Gemma and Phil

Age: 28 (Gemma), 31 (Phil) Profession: Account Manager for Land Rover Global Events (Gemma), Police Officer (Phil) Where do you come from : Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK 1. How did you meet? At Phil’s brother’s wedding in 2003. 2. How did you get engaged? As a surprise, Phil took me t[...]