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The aperitivo dates back to Roman time with the mulsum, an alcoholic drink which consisted in mixing wine and honey together. The mulsum was served with several starters before the meal. So, no surprise if in modern times aperitivo is purely an Italian trend that has been going on in Italy for year[...]


Pecorino remained a predominantly Roman delight up until 1884 when the local administration  banned the salting of cheeses and introduced heavy tax on salt. This is when pecorino production moved to the island of Sardinia where it flourished until the end of WWII. After the war Italy was a ravaged [...]

Italian Wedding - Food Bonanza!

Food is such a fun part to organise if you are doing a wedding in Italy. Couples do usually come back for a second visit (the first one being the one where you look at possible venues) in order to taste the wedding menu. This is right as food is such a memorable part of the wedding day in all coun[...]

Food and Wedding

It is a well renown bond that unites Tuscany with amazing food. The tradition of simple but yet full flavoured food has conquered many foreign palates around the world, without mentioning the wine. Eating for Italians is a way of socialising. So when there is a big gathering like a special event o[...]

Cake delicious… Good things come to those who wait!

Cake comes at the very end like a special VIP guests that has to make an important entrance in the scene of your wedding. All cameras are out when VIP Cake arrives and show off all her soft creamy curves. Yummy, yummy, yummy… All countries have off course a traditional wedding cake which has its own[...]

Courgette bloom

Not many British know that courgettes produce a flower. This is of course and edible flower which has inspired many Tuscan regional recipe. Courgette blooms are particularly tasty in Summer. You can therefore add courgette bloom or pasta in a courgette bloom sauce to your wedding menu and surprise [...]


You say tomato, tomatoes are in fact another staple ingredient of Mediterranean diet. From late spring  to early autumn, this is the best period for tasting and enjoying tomatoes, because it is when they are in season and you can eat them fresh. This period also coincide with wedding season, so yo[...]


An Italian wedding dinner is a combination of at least 4 different courses. Here is a typical menu Antipasti - Appetizers A delicious spread out of italian finger food such as crostini, traditional cured meats and cheeses, fried seasonal vegetables, tuscan quiche and so on. This is always served w[...]