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Mawgan and Tom's Timeless Elegance

Name: Mawgan and Tom Age: Mawgan - 28, Tom - 27 Profession: Mawgan -Mother to Caleb 15 months , Tom - Banker Where do you come from : Mawgan - Nottingham, Tom - Surrey   1. How did you meet? We met at Bath University in 2001 when I was in my final year of my Economics degree, and Tom [...]

The Symbolism of Wedding Rings

Today wedding rings are precious items full of the sentiment of love. It is believed that the Egyptians were the first to introduce attribute a specific meaning to the rings. For them, the circle symbolised eternity, with no beginning and no end. Even the hole inside the ring had a meaning, represen[...]

Love and Lace

Precious lace for a precious day! This is the motto for a trend that makes you discover the beauty of past time weddings . So, look for that wooden trunk forgotten in the loft. Polish off the grandma wedding photos and gain inspiration from those refined fabrics. Lace can be a very elegant vintage [...]

Shoes, shoes and for ever shoes!

Shoes, shoes, shoes..... I have heard someone on the bus saying that every man has a secret desire… to own as many cars as his partner’s shoes . Would that be unreasonable since sex equality is the base of modern society? Probably not. On average a woman possess 40 pair of shoes, an average of on[...]

Juliet and Edwin 1950's style !

Name: Juliet and Edwin Age: both 40 Profession: Juliet - Investment Analyst and Edwin - Card Scheme Director Where do you come from: London 1.How did you meet?  We met many years ago when we were at school, but Edwin joined the army and went abroad, so we lost touch. Then 18 years later he went[...]


- Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams - If you have moaned at your husband-to-be for not getting involved into the planning of your wedding, this will definitely be the time that he will prove you wrong. Bear in mind that bridal car will appear in many of your photos, so an old banger won't do! H[...]

The Wedding Garter

Nowadays, the garter is an essential element of bridal attire and it is also a spicy object to show off to the cameras. Beside this funny aspect not many brides though know the history of this tradition. The garter toss dates back to 14th century when superstition was widespread in European culture.[...]


Whatever venue you choose for your reception whether it is a Renaissance villa, castle or farmhouse, candles and lanterns can add an awesome touch to your wedding. Use them on your dinner tables, on the aperitif table or simply just place them in various corner of the dancing area or garden. Tea li[...]

Julie and Diccon's Real Life Wedding Style Tips

Based on your own experience, give us some top tips… For brides - Keep it simple. Don't panic. Enjoy it. If a little thing goes wrong, don't let it ruin your day just have another glass of Champagne and go with the flow. For grooms - Erm...pick someone you love. For keeping to a budget - Get marr[...]