Freesia – Innocent beauty, Friendship


You were absentmindedly walking through the streets of Konoha, a basket of Freesia flowers in your hands when you accidentally bumped into someone and dropped some of your flowers.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” You apologized as you bent down to pick up your flowers.

“It’s alright. I wasn’t paying attention either.” A quiet voice replied.

You looked at the person you bumped into. He was attractive and had red hair with a tattoo of the kanji “love” on one side of his forehead. He had aqua, sea-green eyes surrounded by dark rings.

“I’m Jackie. Who are you?” You asked with a small smile.

“I’m Gaara.” The young man answered.

“Are you new to Konoha? I don’t think I’ve seen you around.” You stated.

Gaara gave you a strange look. Did you not know who he was? Well, he wasn’t wearing his Kazekage robes…

“I’m from Suna. I’m here to visit my friend… Naruto.” Gaara said softly.

“Oh! You’re friends with Mr. Whiskers?” You asked, using your nickname for Naruto.

Gaara looked at you a bit weirdly before nodding. You simply shrugged and smiled as the both of you stood up. Gaara handed you the flowers he picked up as you murmured your thanks, looking over the flowers.

“Well, it was nice meeting you.” You said with a grin as you looked up from your flowers. Gaara nodded.

“Oh, let me give you this.” You said as you picked one unblemished Freesia flower and handed it to Gaara.

Gaara looked at the flower you gave him and slightly raised an eyebrow. You smiled at him.

“It’s a Freesia flower. It means ‘friendship.'” You explained.

“I hope we get to be friends, Gaara-san. Have a nice day.” You called over your shoulder as you left, smile still in place.

Later, Gaara would ask Naruto if he knew where you lived and you would open the door to be met with a pleasant, yet unexpected visitor.

But nevertheless, you would greet him with a smile.

Freesia meaning Innocence; Friendship