Rachel and Dan


Real-Life Weddings by Tuscan Dreams

Name:Rachel and Dan
Age: Rachel 31, Dan 30
Profession: Rachel Fashion Designer, Dan TV Producer/Director
Where do you come from : Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

1. How did you meet? We met the first year of University in London
2. How did you get engaged? We got engaged on a remote island off the west coast of India.
3. How did you choose where to conduct the ceremony and have the reception? A friend had been married in Certaldo town hall 5 years earlier, and I had fallen in love with the place. Dan had never even been to Italy when we came over to look at reception venues!

4. What research and planning did you do before the wedding? We spoke to loads of wedding planners and got them to send photos of all the venues they used, none of them were quite right, so we visited the area 4 times before finding what we wanted. Finally we found Villa Paola and literally fell in love with the place.
Music/entertainment: A string duo to accompany the service and canapés. And then a DJ to play into the early hours.