Same Sex Weddings

We are extremely happy and proud to be able to offer this service!

Although civil partnership are not yet contemplated in Italy, remedy this should not prevent you from having the perfect destination wedding in a country full of charm and beauty. Tuscan Dreams has teamed up with professional wedding celebrant to organise the perfect same-sex ceremony in Tuscany. The celebrant has years of experience and has performed many same-sex weddings and –although not legally binding – the ceremony will create the perfect occasion to celebrate with your friends and family in a heavenly place such as Tuscany.
If you’ve toyed with the idea of having a special wedding abroad and you love the idea of something classy, malady stylish, with good weather guarantee, excellent food… Then you have it. It’s Tuscany! The easiest way is to get yourself a specialist who can guide you through and make your special day stress free.
We will make sure that you stay stress free throughout the planning guaranteeing a dream wedding in Tuscany. We have a large selection of the finest venues and have picked the best local suppliers, all gay-friendly, to ensure that your special day will be unique.
Our experience as a wedding planners goes back a few years now and I have gained considerable knowledge in making sure that your big day runs smoothly.