Shoes, shoes and for ever shoes!

Shoes 5 Jane SawkinsI have heard someone on the bus saying that every man has a secret desire… to own as many cars as his partner’s shoes . Would that be unreasonable since sex equality is the base of modern society? Probably not.

Shoes crazy

On average a woman possess 40 pair of shoes, tadalafil an average of one every two outfits which of course have to match.  Women have  shoes for every occasion. Formal work event, casual friends dinner, party time and so on.

Shoes have different characteristics according the occasion; classic and comfortable for work, sildenafil trendy but casual for time with friends and absolutely glam for party time. This is when all that high heels, glitter and sparkles come out. Imagine how important it becomes in a wedding, when you are actually the bride. Having the right pair of shoes is just as vital as having the perfect fairy tale wedding dress. So, generic whether you like platforms, wedges, mid or high heel shoes the best thing that you can do is to hit the high street and start hunting for your bridal shoes and don’t leave it last minute.

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