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Villa Sieci

Villa Sieci is the idyllic venue in which to get married in Italy. Originally built in the 1400, the property underwent a beautiful restoration, combining the beauty of traditional Tuscan materials and architecture with all the comforts of modern day technology. Nestled on a hilltop amid 43 acres of[...]

The Cala Lilly : Magnificence and Rebirth

Despite its name, the Calla Lily is not, in fact, of the “Lily” family. Commonly referred to as the Arum Lily or Trumpet Lily, these beautiful flowers originated in southern Africa, growing mostly in marshy areas. There are approximately 28 known variants of the Cala Lilly, which in turn vary [...]

Make her laugh..

They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs, I’m the one who falls in love. - Tommaso Ferraris -  

Italian Wedding - Food Bonanza!

Food is such a fun part to organise if you are doing a wedding in Italy. Couples do usually come back for a second visit (the first one being the one where you look at possible venues) in order to taste the wedding menu. This is right as food is such a memorable part of the wedding day in all [...]

Diamonds as Girls' Best Friends

According to documented report, the first diamond engagement ring appeared in 1471 thanks to King Maximilian I of Germany who proposed to Mary of Burgandy. The king offered his wife a diamond to symbolise his precious love. Men, you now have someone to blame!

Villa Ivana

Villa Ivana offers the quintessential Tuscan experience. Nestled in the heart of the Chianti Classico, Villa Ivana is 15 km south of Florence. An active vineyard, oil producer and an authentically Tuscan holiday destination, Villa Ivana is completely immersed in a naturally beautiful environment, of[...]

Sharon and Peter

- Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams - Name: Sharon and Peter Ages: Sharon - 48, cheap Peter - 49 Profession: Sharon - Personal Assistant, Peter - firefighter on blue watch, based in Swindon. Where do you come from : Chippenham, pills Wiltshire. We both have 2 children each from previous marria[...]

Sam and Lee

- Real-Life Weddings by Tuscan Dreams - NAME: Sam and Lee PROFESSION: Sam - Marketing Manager in magazine publishing, pharmacy Lee Managing Director for AOP. WHERE DO YOU COME FROM: London HOW DID YOU MEET: Sam and I have been together 11 years, after meeting at the Guardian newspaper where w[...]

Carla and Ben

- Real-life wedding by Tuscan Dreams - NAME: Carla and Ben PROFESSION: Carla – Aviation Recruitment Specialist, medical Ben - Car Rental Manager AGE: Both 30 years WHERE DO YOU COME FROM: We live together in Bournemouth but originally Carla is from Chepstow, South Wales and Ben is from Dartford[...]