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Villa Franco

Villa Franco is located 500 mt above sea level in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, just 15 km from Siena and 75 km from Florence.  The estate lies on 5 acres of mixed woods and rolling meadows high in the hills, surrounded by age-old oaks, holm-oaks and chestnut-trees. Originally erected in the [...]

Villa Sieci

Villa Sieci is the idyllic venue in which to get married in Italy. Originally built in the 1400, the property underwent a beautiful restoration, combining the beauty of traditional Tuscan materials and architecture with all the comforts of modern day technology. Nestled on a hilltop amid 43 acres of[...]

The Cala Lilly : Magnificence and Rebirth

Despite its name, the Calla Lily is not, in fact, of the “Lily” family. Commonly referred to as the Arum Lily or Trumpet Lily, these beautiful flowers originated in southern Africa, growing mostly in marshy areas. There are approximately 28 known variants of the Cala Lilly, which in turn vary [...]

The Origin of Wedding Rings

The tradition of wedding rings originated in ancient Egypt. Egyptians used to make rings out of marsh grass which was braided into rings and worn by women. The Romans refined the tradition by using iron instead of marsh grass to make thrings. They also started the fashion of engraving wedding rin[...]

Jam jars crazy!

Shabby chic all the way.. This trend has conquered the heart of many brides in the last three years. Easy effect to achieve and certainly money saving fashion that leave us with a bit more to spend on flowers.  Would you have said it? You do not exactly think of fashion that way. Instead all you ne[...]


Volterra has seen a big peak of notoriety as it was chosen for the setting of the famous Twilight saga film. This superb town situated on a hill 550 metres above sea level won’t disappoint you in terms of views! Surrounded by a dramatic landscape created by the so-called Balze: impressive chasms, re[...]

Steve and Fiona

-Real-life wedding by Tuscan Dreams- Age: Both 32 Profession: Steve - Business Travel Consultant, Fiona -   Buyer – now full time mum! Where do you come from: Aberdeen, NE Scotland 1. How did you meet? We got talking at a Christmas night out in 2001. 2. How did you get engaged? Surprise propos[...]

Kirsty and Neil

-Real Life Wedding by Tuscan Dreams- Name : Kirsty and Neil AgeKirsty – 27, Neil - 31 Profession:Kirsty – Human Resources Advisor, Neil – works in the Automotive Industry Where do you come from :Staffordshire, UK 1. How did you meet? We met at a house party in 1996 but I don’t actua[...]


  -Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams- Like any other wedding item flowers are subject to trends. Ivory is off course the colour that strikes to your mind when you think about weddings. But why not adding a splash of colour to your wedding ?  Fashion industry has a big impact on flowers colou[...]