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Cake delicious… Good things come to those who wait!

Cake comes at the very end like a special VIP guests that has to make an important entrance in the scene of your wedding. All cameras are out when VIP Cake arrives and show off all her soft creamy curves. Yummy, yummy, yummy… All countries have off course a traditional wedding cake which has its own[...]

Red rose and Italy, a fiery passionate connection

The Italian passionate approach for love, food, football and life in general couldn’t find a better floral symbol than red roses. Grand prix roses are the lusty deep red velvety roses which just on its own create a intense love and devotion effect to your wedding. It is a statement that you send to[...]


- Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams - October is a lovely month to get married. It can still offer nice sunny days and being outside high season prices of venues are very good. AUTUMN WEDDINGS TIPS: - In Autumn days are shorter. So have ceremony late morning so that you can make the most of [...]

Love and Marriage...

Some one used to sing.. Love and marriage, love and marriage They go together like a horse and carriage This I tell you, brother You can't have one without the other Love and marriage, love and marriage It's an institute you can't disparage Ask the local gentry And they will sa[...]


The Arno, the famous Ponte Vecchio, the statue of Michelangelo’s David, the green hills…. Florence attracts you from every corner offering its visitors a unique and matchless atmosphere. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, much loved by foreigners especially British where you’ll find th[...]


-Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams- Wedding dress with flowers is the one the main elements in a wedding, at least for brides. Erica Bellini knows everythign there is to know about choosing a wedding dress. Here are a few tips for stress free brides 1. The dress should be comfortable (you will[...]


- Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams - 1. Know where your money is coming from 2. Decide how much money you and your boyfriend can contribute 3. Make a list of your priorities (make sure you both agree on them when you talk to parents) 4. Divide up the money and decide where it will go (as a gen[...]


-Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams - Here are our top tips for a great speech. 1. Don’t leave things to the last minute unless you have a special gift for speeches (Don’t improvise unless you feel really confident) 2. Don’t underestimate your audience 3. Don’t forget that the speech is about [...]