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Villa Sieci

Villa Sieci is the idyllic venue in which to get married in Italy. Originally built in the 1400, the property underwent a beautiful restoration, combining the beauty of traditional Tuscan materials and architecture with all the comforts of modern day technology. Nestled on a hilltop amid 43 acres of[...]

Why Wedding rings are worn on the ring finger

Throughout history wedding rings have been worn on different fingers of both right and left hands. The tradition to wear it on the ring finger of the hand dates back to the Romans. This was because it was believed that there was a vein in the finger known as "Vena amoris" which linked directly to th[...]

Wedding ring different traditions

In some countries like Norway, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand instead of the left hand. Moreover, in the Jewish tradition, the groom places the ring on the index finger of his bride. [...]

Villa Piero

Villa Piero is a luxury hamlet that was recently restored and offers breathtaking views all around.  This venue blends the comfort of today's living with the famous historical beauty and style of the Tuscan countryside. You will be impressed by the tall cypress way that lead into the main hamlet. W[...]


One of the most loved city in Tuscany. Pedestrian friendly cobbled streets, wide open squares surrounded by balcony decorated with colourful flowers. Lucca is a charming and lively city that welcomes you at every corner while you are discovering it. This wonderful walled city is a splendid backdr[...]

Vicky and Michael

Name : Vicky and Michael Age : Vicky - 36, Michael - 41 Profession: Tax Advisors Where do you come from : Michael - Australia, Vicky - Uganda 1. How did you meet? Michael and I met at a party in South Kensington, London 2. How did you get engaged? Michael proposed on the beach overloo[...]

Rachel and Dan

Name:Rachel and Dan Age: Rachel 31, Dan 30 Profession: Rachel Fashion Designer, Dan TV Producer/Director Where do you come from : Leeds, Yorkshire, UK 1. How did you meet? We met the first year of University in London 2.How did you get engaged? We got engaged on a remote island off the we[...]


The big trends for this year weddings in Italy have set off already and are in full demand. Trends on transport:More and more couples decide to drive in style to their wedding ceremony and back to the villa and choose a vintage Italian sports car to remember their day by. The choice of cars is wide[...]


A reputable wedding planner will not take over your day – instead she will work with you to decide what you want them to do what (if anything) you want to do yourself. Make sure that from the first conversation you have with the wedding planner, she is the one who listens to what YOU really want. F[...]