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The big trends for this year weddings in Italy have set off already and are in full demand. Trends on transport:More and more couples decide to drive in style to their wedding ceremony and back to the villa and choose a vintage Italian sports car to remember their day by. The choice of cars is wide[...]

Kirsty and Neil

Name : Kirsty and Neil Age: Kirsty – 27, Neil - 31 Profession: Kirsty – Human Resources Advisor, Neil – works in the Automotive Industry Where do you come from : Staffordshire, UK 1. How did you meet? We met at a house party in 1996 but I don’t actually remember Neil being there but r[...]

Juliet and Edwin 1950's style !

Name: Juliet and Edwin Age: both 40 Profession: Juliet - Investment Analyst and Edwin - Card Scheme Director Where do you come from: London 1.How did you meet?  We met many years ago when we were at school, but Edwin joined the army and went abroad, so we lost touch. Then 18 years later he went[...]