Castello Fiesole


If there was ever a castle that reminded you of a fairytale, then Castello (“Castle”) Fiesole would be the one. Incredibly romantic, Castello Fiesole is a stunning location in which to celebrate your dream Italian wedding. Landmark of a tragic, yet beautiful, love story, Castello Fiesole is located just outside of lovely Fiesole (a hilltop town on the edge of Florence and the setting for the famous movie “Room with a View”). Originally built around 1030, Castello Fiesole is as well known for the legend that surrounds it, as for the beautiful grounds and breathtaking views over the city of Florence. The property had many owners over time, enjoying states of pure opulence to utter decay before being purchased in 1850 by Englishman John Temple Leader. In the true spirit of Renaissance patronage, John Temple Leader commissioned 80 masons, master artisans, sculptors, glassmakers and antiquarians to work relentlessly on restoring the Castle to its former glory. The restoration took 10 years, and in 1860 the property became the socialite hub for J. T. Leaders’ many distinguished and noble friends and home to many socio-cultural activities.

Castello Fiesole’s structure is, in and of itself, stunning. The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful, with a manmade lake that receives water from the shelving stream, narrow paths that wind their way through thick woods dotted with gracious bridges, statues of mythological creatures and a Nymph’s cave (all elements that are typical of romantic gardens). If you want an intimate and romantic castle with fantastic views (and flaming torches!) then Castello Fiesole is a wonderful choice.

The legend of flawed, yet undying love, is but one aspect of this monuments property. The architecture and land’s natural beautiful is reason enough to make Castello Fiesole one of the most enchanting venues for your Tuscan wedding.


The Usimbardi family – then owners of Castello Fiesole – had a beautiful, often courted daughter named Bianca. Despite her many admirers, her heart belonged solely to Umberto del Mazzecca, son of the Usibardi’s arch-enemy. The two families strongly opposed this love, and unsuccessfully tried everything in their power to pull the young couple apart. When the war broke out between the Florence and Lucca clans, Bianca’s father was obliged to go fight. A singular horseman shadowed his every movement, protecting him like a guardian angel. His identity was unknown until, injured in battle, the horseman saved Bianca’s fathers’ life. It was then that Bianca’s father learned that his rescuer was none other than his daughters’ beloved, Umberto. Eternally grateful, Bianca’s father agreed to let his daughter wed the man she so dearly loved. The day of the wedding, as Umberto was heading up to the Castle to make his vows, he was killed by his own family members, who felt he had betrayed them. Wrought with pain and sorrow, Bianca died shortly thereafter from a broken heart. It is said that her spirit still inhabits the property and can be seen/felt on warm, summer nights. Her spirit continues to watch over all couples as she guards new lovers and particularly “impossible” ones.

The castle is a reception only venue and can accommodate up to 200 guests.


There are many different options for outdoor refreshments as well as indoor alternatives.


Castello Fiesole is a reception only venue for up to 200 guests. However, we have an ample selection of accommodation in the area including guesthouses, farmhouses, and hotel accommodation.


We can arrange for you to be married a civil ceremony in Florence’s Town hall. or have a Catholic ceremony performed in one of the beautiful churches nearby. It is also possible to have an Evangelical pastor perform a blessing on site.


Distances to Castello Fiesole : from Florence 15 km ; from Pisa 88 km, from Bologna 102 km, from Lucca 80 km, from Siena 85 km.