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Tuscany is a lovely region in the center of Italy which has become very popular for its wonderful cypress ways and rolling hills.
Here are 5 good reasons which make Tuscany also an awesome place to celebrate your big day in style
1.Venues : Tuscany is the home of Renaissance and fine art, and where man’s contribution and artistic skill has been stunningly framed by nature’s gift of an idyllic countryside backdrop. You will certainly find a venue suitable for your wedding, whether it is an elegant Villa, a historical Castle or a Traditional rustic farmhouse.
2.Ceremony : Tuscany offers a wide selection of historical Town Halls and Churches. Town Halls such as Certaldo and Volterra are real jewels. Likewise, churches have a lot of charm of the bygone times. Moreover, Tuscany is run through by the famous Francigena way, the old pilgrim way that led to Rome from France. Churches along this path have great charm and historical meaning.
3.Weather : The weather in Spring offers mild temperatures.  From the end of April to the beginning of June, the countryside is radiant with colourful flowers everywhere. July and August are the warmest months which offer a spectacular countryside with sunflowers and golden wheat fields. September and October are also amazing months with lovely warm temperatures.
4.Food : Well, everybody knows Italian are passionate about good food and wine. Tuscany is the land of pecorino cheese, ribollita, panzanella, wild boar and last but not least Chianti wine. You will certainly have a feast and a joyful wedding dinner.
5.People : In Tuscany families are cherished just like in the rest of Italy. A wedding is, therefore, a very joyful event for the Tuscan community. Consequently, they share your happiness and it is very usual to find the bridal couple being greeted by locals in the street with clapping of hands and shouts of ” Bravo! Bravo!”