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A pure gem of Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance treasures.
History has in fact left its interrupted mark from the time of the Etruscans to the nineteenth century, with extremely important artistic and monumental forms, which can be admired simply by walking along the streets of the city centre. The ancient city walls, the imposing Porta all’Arco, and just outside the city walls the Necropolis of Marmini bear testimony of the Etruscan period.
The Roman Theatre of Vallebona survives from the period of Augustus and it is there to suggest the importance of Volterra under Roman domination.
The Renaissance period set Volterra into a cultural prosperity which are visible in the uncountable number of palazzos present in the city.  One of these is the Palazzo dei Priori a palace that dates back to 13th century and which is today the headquarters of the local borough and also used as Wedding hall. It is the oldest government building in Tuscany and if you climb to the top you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view that goes as far as the coast if the day is clear. Palazzo dei Priori it is said to have set as model for Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.
Couples choosing to celebrate their marriage in Volterra will find themselves in a fairytale setting that is authentically Tuscan and far away from tourists and crowds.