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The lower and residential side of this town is just like any other towns in Italy. But just a minute away higher up  hides like proper treasures do, a lovely medieval hamlet which is also the birthplace of the founder of the Italian language Giovanni Boccaccio. The Hamlet is a small totally unspoilt gem with cobbled streets and views to die for. The inhabitants are also very friendly and one can feel Italian sense of hospitality all around.
There are many places to visits, the museum of sacred art, Church of Saints Jacopo and Filippo and Palazzo Pretorio, a magnificent Palace which dominates the top of the hill and dating back to the 13th century. This was the residence of the earl of the town. The beautiful open air courtyard is now used for celebrating civil weddings.
Although its glorious past and its historical importance, modernity has also taken over. In fact there is a cable car ( funicular )available from the lower side of town to bring people up in a fun ride which sometimes has also conquer a few brides who renounced to their fancy bridal car to be take up by the funicular.