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An Italian wedding dinner is a combination of at least 4 different courses. Here is a typical menu
Antipasti – Appetizers
A delicious spread out of italian finger food such as crostini, traditional cured meats and cheeses, fried seasonal vegetables, tuscan quiche and so on. This is always served with prosecco wine and cocktails.
Primi – First courses (singular is primo).
This is usually pasta or risotto dishes. Usually there are two types of first courses served to everybody.
Second courses (singular is secondo). This is the meat/fish section. The side orders are usually vegetables – potatoes, spinach, etc. These are served on separate plates and accompany the secondo. You will want to order one or two of these to go with your secondo.
Last but not least is the Wedding cake!
The traditional tuscan wedding cake is called Millefoglie which is made of  layers of fragrant puff pastry filled with fresh vanilla cream and covered with cream and decorated with strawberries.
Wedding cake is served with fresh brewed espresso coffee and digestive liquers.