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Volterra has seen a big peak of notoriety as it was chosen for the setting of the famous Twilight saga film.
This superb town situated on a hill 550 metres above sea level won’t disappoint you in terms of views! Surrounded by a dramatic landscape created by the so-called Balze: impressive chasms, caused by landslides Volterra is also a pure gem of amazing artist value which gathers together the three best period of Tuscan art , Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance.

The typical cobble streets, ancient Etruscan arches which adorn the city make Volterra a wonderful backdrop for a pure Tuscan wedding!

Volterra Town Hall is a grandiose Palazzo which dates back to the 13th century with gorgeous frescoes and vaulted ceiling an elegant surrounding to frame the happiest day of your life!

A Wedding in Volterra will be a precious event for your and your guests!