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You have just decided to get married and you the thought makes your heart skip from happiness! You have been debating where to get married and you don’t want to have a wedding home because you want it to be special and different… the options seem so many that you can’t decide where and how… Then you hear about someone who hired an amazing villa for their wedding in Tuscany

Is it a good idea to have your wedding in a Villa in Tuscany?

Your partner thinks it’s a wonderful idea. You have never thought of it but you are keeping your options open as to country, type of wedding and time of the year…
You give it another thought… and after all Italy and most of all Tuscany is a place that reminds you of delicious food, incomparable art and hot sun… so you might give in to the suggestion of your partner’ dream…

Why you should have a Wedding in a Villa in Tuscany?

Because all guests or nearly all can stay on site so no need to organize late night cabs.
Because you have a chance of spending 3 days/ one week together with your friends and family. This is really a rare opportunity to relaxed and all be in one place.
Because in a villa you usually don’t have a curfew and you can therefore party as long as you like till early hours of the morning.
Because you have the best views and a private gorgeous place all to yourself for at least 3 days.
Because Tuscany is a great place to be in with lots to see and explore and being at a villa (as opposed to a standard hotel) makes it special and unique.
Because you can really personalize your wedding to what you like.

How to choose the right Villa for your Wedding in Tuscany

Make sure it’s not too far from an airport. Since you are asking all your guests to come a long way, make it as easy as possible for them.
Select a villa where you can have a civil ceremony on site (there are more and more villas that are trying to get a licence).
Make sure that there is a reception room indoors (as well as outdoors) large enough for all of you (It will save you money and avoid to hire a marquee).
Remember to pick the villa that you instantly fall in love with. Listen to your own feelings are you are sure to make the best choice for you.