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It is a well renown bond that unites Tuscany with amazing food.
The tradition of simple but yet full flavoured food has conquered many foreign palates around the world, without mentioning the wine.
Eating for Italians is a way of socialising. So when there is a big gathering like a special event or wedding this trend is very much amplified and food becomes the focal point ( after the bride of course) .
A typical Italian wedding will start with a wide selections of canapés. These are usually served with Prosecco wine. Some bubbly to get you started.
Then a starter, two pasta courses ( usually risotto and ravioli) and then main course, two side orders, wedding cake, coffee and digestive liquers ( which you would need ! ) all accompanied with Chianti wine.
This seems a lot but despite the difference in tradition,  I have never seen a British person getting shy in front of so much delicacy.
They usually like to go with the flow and indulge themselves – When you are in Rome do like Romans do.  Maybe in this case we can ditch the Rome and Romans and convert the whole sentence in When in Tuscany do like the Tuscan do!