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Bride’s names : Melissa & Laura

Married on 10th September 2016

Location of ceremony and reception: Villa Ginevra

How did you meet? And how long have you been together?
We have now been together coming up 3 years. We met on a dating website and literally planned a hook up, then decided once was not going to be enough!

Tell me about the proposal
We got engaged in Bologna. Laura proposed to Mel with some cards in envelopes, set out on a wall in the town in the evening. There were 7 envelopes, each card had a letter on the front;
M A R R Y  M E, inside each card was a reason why she should! Ie; I promise to make you laugh every day, I promise to tell you I love you every day…

How would you describe your wedding day in 2 sentences?
The most amazing and important day of our lives, it feels like a dream looking back.

What were your special moments or highlights of the day? My friend sang during the service which was beautiful and for our first dance everyone had sparklers.

What made you decide to get married where you did? The beautiful setting

How many guests attended? 40

How long did you take you take to plan the wedding? 1 year

What advice would you give any other couples about planning your big day, or any tips for the day itself? Enjoy it as much as you can because it goes so quickly!

How/Why did you choose your photographer?
Our photographer, Elena, had samples that were the best we saw from the 3 we were given. As we were not in Italy while planning our wedding, Erica did most of the sourcing for us. We liked that Elena just blended into the background; thus the majority of the pictures were a complete surprise as we didn’t even notice her there.

Who were your bridesmaids?
We had two adult bridesmaids, our best friends, and two small bridesmaids, our nieces.

Did you have a theme or colour scheme you were working towards?
White and dark purple.

What sort of flowers did you have?
Bouquets made mainly of Roses.

What sort of decoration did you have?
Rustic Italian

What did you eat?
We had a five-course meal, traditionally Italian,  wild boar, lobster, pasta…

And the wedding cake?
Traditional Italian.

What did you have as entertainment?
A string quartet for the service and hors oeuvres. Then we made a playlist for the evening. We also had a polaroid camera with items for dressing up.