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Here are five things all couple should read before adventuring in the planning of their wedding.
1. Choose a wedding planner that put you at your ease. Make sure you come to meet this person at leas once. If this person comes recommended than it is a golden star. If you are planning your wedding abroad, make sure that the wedding planner that you choose is local and has a good knowledge of the area.
2. You and only you decide ! It is your wedding, so discuss things with your husband or wife to be and keep nosey people away. Everybody is going to have an opinion. If you ask ten people you would probably get ten different answers. So, keep the planning just for yourselves. Those you really love you will enjoy your special day anyway !
3. A bigger wedding doesn’t mean a better wedding. Sometimes, especially when budget is not particularly high by inviting load of people you end up cutting costs on items such as decorations and flowers. Think about that in advance and plan a wedding that you are both comfortable with and that puts your priority first.
4. Focus of food and drinks Nothing counts more than food and wine at a wedding. So, make sure you do a tasting with the caterers and stress the importance you give the wedding breakfast. Things of course are easier for you if you are planning a wedding in Italy . Then, the end result is virtually guaranteed.
5. Do not stress on the day and relax. After all is your wedding and you ought to have fun. If you are a bit of a worrier, speak about this with your wedding planner and she/ he can reassure you by scheduling a check list before the day.