The aperitivo dates back to Roman time with the mulsum, an alcoholic drink which consisted in mixing wine and honey together. The mulsum was served with several starters before the meal.
So, no surprise if in modern times aperitivo is purely an Italian trend that has been going on in Italy for years and has wide spread later to other countries such as the UK.
Aperitivo is usually a alcoholic drink, such as Prosecco, Bellini, Negroni etc.. which is consumed before the meal usually standing up. The drink is normally accompanied by a few nibbles crisps, nuts or even proper antipasti, like crostini, cured meats, cheese, rice/pasta salads etc..
The trend has become so popular that some bars offer what they call “apericena”  which combines together aperitivo and dinner ( cena ). This is in fact an aperitivo which has a larger varieties of foods. It is a way for keeping customers in for longer and is also a great and relaxing way for people to meet up and have some food and drinks together in an informal setting.
So, for Italians a respectable event cannot dismiss a large aperitif where Italian appetite as well oratory skills are put on trial.
At a wedding aperitif or “drinks” time is in fact a great way for guests to mingle together and get to know one another.
Aperitif food at a Tuscan wedding is usually a selection of the most delicious local produces such as Pecorino cheese served with honey dips and other relish, seasonal vegetable quiches, mozzarella and tomatoes skewers, cured meets, bruschettas etc.. Such delicious food for all types of diets, vegetarians, vegan etc..
This is probably why everybody finds it a great way to start a reception, not only for the prosecco wine but also because thanks to the variety of Tuscan food everybody can enjoy of piece of Tuscany ! What a great way to surprise your guests !