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Pecorino remained a predominantly Roman delight up until 1884 when the local administration  banned the salting of cheeses and introduced heavy tax on salt. This is when pecorino production moved to the island of Sardinia where it flourished until the end of WWII.
After the war Italy was a ravaged and poor place causing mass migrations within and beyond the country. Many Italians left while others, notably Sardinians, moved to Tuscany where the Tuscan were abandoning their farms for factories. Naturally, the Sardinians brought along their sheep and their cheese making methods.
This is why today Tuscany is one of the Italian regions when the best pecorino cheese is produced.
Pecorino is today an important ingredient used in many Tuscan dishes and being a delicious “finger food “ is also the king of appetizer. It is delicious served with drizzles of honey , black berry jam, Chianti jelly, fig mustard, sunflower, chestnut and strawberry tree honey
Try it also with fruit and nuts. It is awesome with pears, melon, kiwi, figs (fresh and dried), walnuts and hazel nuts.