Erica Bellini

In spite of a very typical Italian surname, Erica has an English part of her. She rediscovered her native Tuscany after an 8 year spell in London for study & work.

After having worked in the travel industry for a few years, she wanted to inspire others to discover this wonderful part of the world. She saw the potential in the magic of the Tuscan country side which makes it a perfect setting for a dream wedding. Since then she has always put her heart and soul in what she does and has planned successful weddings for many couples.

Erica is also a mother of two little girls and she spends a large part of the year in Tuscany co-ordinating weddings or on the look out for potential venues.

Favourite place in Tuscany: the view of the hills from her house
Pet hate: Driving in traffic
Favourite food: Bacon Sandwich