Andy and Linsey June 2017

Hi Erica,
We just want to say a big thank you for everything you did for us building up to and on the day itself. Everything went so smoothly at a time when we should probably been really stressed but instead we just had an amazing day and an amazing week in an amazing place. The Abbey was perfect, the harpist was great, the chap that married us was so friendly when he had no reason to be to strangers from another country, he wasn’t in a hurry, waited for the music to end, and the sun was in the right place. Chuisdino was a beautiful town and it makes us laugh to think that big photos of our faces on passport pages will be in their filing cabinets for years to come!
The wedding cake was absolutely amazing, thank you for suggesting that, everyone loved that it was so tasty.
We cleared a dance floor upstairs after the meal and everyone danced the night away, after the older folk went to bed after midnight some time and we continued until daylight! The Villa was perfect, Franco was an absolute star, he couldn’t do enough to help. It was all absolutely perfect so thank you for making that all happen on the Italian side for us. Thanks again
Andy & Linsey!