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The title reminds me of a Frank Sinatra’s song ” Love and marriage go together like horse and carriage. You can’t have one without the other”.
In terms of places where to get married Tuscany seems to have a distinctive bond with marriages.
This is probably why increasingly more and more people are choosing Tuscany to tie the knot.
Tuscany’s scenery and atmosphere, treasure and elegance, Tuscan food and wine put a 5 stars rating for a perfect marriage.
If you know anybody who got married in this amazing part of the world will certainly be able to confirm all of the above.
The beauty of its venues, the magnificent Tuscan Town Halls all unique in their architecture, the simplicity and flavour of  its food and wine, the friendliness of its people have become Tuscany’s trade mark and top 4 reason for getting married here, and as Italians say in their unique modest way .. ” Scusate se è poco “,  We apologise if this is not enough !