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– Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams

If you have moaned at your husband-to-be for not getting involved into the planning of your wedding, this will definitely be the time that he will prove you wrong.

Bear in mind that bridal car will appear in many of your photos, so an old banger won’t do! However, you do not need to hire a Lamborghini or a Ferrari to have a stylish entrance. A modern Mercedes or Alfa Romeo would just do the trick! If you want to go for a truly Italian touch then better to go for an Alfa Romeo or even a Lancia – a totally unknown Italian car manufacturer in the UK, but extremely popular in Italy – .  Your fiancé will probably be thrilled to have discovered something new in terms of cars!

Modern cars such as Merc, Alfa Romeo and Lancia will be easier to be sourced and prices will be more reasonable than say vintage cars which are rather expensive in Italy. So you have no excuses for not making a real entrance on your very special day!