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Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams


Music is a very important part of a celebration event and it becomes a vital element in a wedding.

Erica Bellini, wedding planner for www.tuscan-dreams.com  knows everything there is to know about organising the perfect day for both you and your guests. Here are a few tips for choosing top music on your wedding day.

  1. It’s better to spend money on one thing and have an incredible band than spend the same and have 2 average things
  2. Live as opposed to pre-recorded music (such as an iPod) makes a terrific difference to the party
  3. Downloading music to an iPod is the cheapest option but make sure not to over use it. For the most emotional (the ceremony) or energetic moments (evening dancing) of the wedding day make sure that you have live music to make this moment unforgettable. You can use the iPod during canapés or as background music during the sit down dinner.
  4. The quantity of entertainment should reflect the wedding party size.
  5. The type of entertainment you choose will set the tone and determine the style of your wedding.
  6. It’s a great plus to have musically talented friends or family perform during the wedding day. It will make the day unique and special.