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The Abbey of San Galgano dates back to the 12th century when the first construction began, only to be completed 6 decades later. During that time, the Abbey went from great opulence to a state of decline and looting, highlighted in 1786 when the massive church bell fell bringing down the entire roof. Deeply spiritual and stunningly beautiful, the Abbey has maintained its mystic aura and remains perhaps one of the most beautiful places in which to tie the knot in Tuscany. Surrounded by luxuriously green rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves, The Abbey was initially built by the Cistercian monks in honor of Galgano Guidotti, also known as “Saint Galgano”; according to the legend, Galgano Guidotti was a warrior who chose to abandon his dissolute lifestyle and embrace a more spiritual path. To symbolize his rejection of war, he plunged his sword into the rock, which miraculously “parted like butter” leaving only the hilt exposed to form a Cross. The sword is kept in the Chapel of Montesiepi, within walking distance from the Abbey.

Today, the church has retained only its magnificent shell which lies within the wooded valley in the Chianti region. The long tall nave with flechet windows and an apse rose window still stand. The abbey’s chapter house and part of the scriptorium also remain.

An astonishing monument, Abbey San Galgano is unquestionably a symbol of peace; its deeply spiritual atmosphere, as well as the breathtakingly gorgeous Chianti hills that surround it, make this venue a truly unique location for your long-awaited, Tuscan wedding.

The Chapel of Montesiepi

The Chapel of Montesiepi is a very famous spot in Italy, and highly frequented by visitors coming to see the Sword in the Stone. The site, history and natural environment make this location especially popular for weddings. We are sure that you will appreciate the historical and religious background of this enchanted site. Should you be interested, you can attend a Catholic service which is celebrated in the Chapel every Sunday between 11.00 a.m. and 12:30 pm.


We can offer different accommodation possibilities near the Abbey of San Galgano. Please enquire for further details.


It is possible to celebrate civil wedding inside the famous Abbey of San Galgano. Click here to see Wedding at San Galgano’s Abbey.

It is also possible to hold a Catholic Wedding in a nearby Church in addition to a civil or symbolic blessing at the Abbey.


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