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Nowadays, the garter is an essential element of bridal attire and it is also a spicy object to show off to the cameras. Beside this funny aspect not many brides though know the history of this tradition. The garter toss dates back to 14th century when superstition was widespread in European culture. The wedding was seeing as an important step in a couple’s life and this lead to many beliefs. One of these was that taking a piece of the bride’s dress would bring the guests good luck. Many guests would launch themselves on the bride and literally tear the wedding dress apart. Of course, the bride’s reaction was rarely a happy one, so, to keep guests happy and bad luck at bay many brides started launching items from their attire to guests.¬†Garter was one of the easiest accessories to remove and launch. This was a particularly funny moment of the reception, and eager not to miss the fun, the grooms started taking part in this. The gartertoss then became a proper ritual which is still requested by guests at today’s weddings.