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Cake comes at the very end like a special VIP guests that has to make an important entrance in the scene of your wedding. All cameras are out when VIP Cake arrives and show off all her soft creamy curves. Yummy, yummy, yummy… All countries have off course a traditional wedding cake which has its own story and its own goodness which cannot be compared to others. We like that and we thank god for the variety ! We, greedy people have an excuse for trying them all …
I am going to wet your appetite now and start talking about typical Tuscan wedding cake.
In Tuscany the queen of wedding cake is called Millefoglie . This consists of layers of puff pastry filled with fresh vanilla cream ( or chocolate ), covered with either cream or caster sugar or cocoa powder.. The variation are endless.. The end result is an exquisite, luscious mouthful of pure heaven.
I will see you at our next wedding then, I am sure you will be there!